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Better people

Hey, it's been a while.

Apologies for not writing much these days, but you know, shit happens, people form families, move countries, change jobs, get busy with this and that. And they just get plain old and run out of things to say. Even if they won't admit to it. Looking at you, sir.

Or shit just gets so bad that there's little to say either way. I have plenty I could write about, but I hardly see the point. I certainly have better things to do, and even if I didn't… would it help? The utter an...

Owning space

Apparently Bronze Age Pervert was suspended from Twitter. Perhaps permanently. Though I imagine he'll be back.

People have been asking where I am; and well, I'm right here. Not blogging much, true, but I've been busy, so my time online has been almost exclusively on Urbit.

You can find me there, every day, most of my waking hours. Reach out by sending a DM to ~docteg-mothep.

You can also send me an email, but I don't check that often. I am also on Telegram but won't be for much longer. It's always ...

We don't have to tweet like this

As I said yesterday, I was just banned from Twitter. They didn't give me a reason, nor a way to restore my account. I did file an appeal, and maybe I get lucky, but I doubt it. My ban was part of a massive purge of thousands of accounts, many of them much milder than myself.

I won't register a new account. I'm done. I've pumped Jack Dorsey's bags with my stellar content for long enough. Screw that faggot, his CIA handlers, his Saudi investors and his troon moderators. The Twitter link at the navb...