Bloody Shovel, Volumes 1-2

If you would like a physical book with all the posts from this blog up to 2022, our friends at West Martian will sell it to you, in two volumes. Click on the image to go to their website.

I'm told it makes a wonderful gift, and a great prop at parties.

You can also find it on Amazon if you feel like paying extra to Jeff Bezos so he can buy a bigger yacht for his second wife.

We'll also send you an ebook (in any format you like) fora yearly subscription.

The History of Right Retreat

But there's more to come. An upcoming book, tentatively called "The History of Right Retreat", is in the works, in collaboration with our friends atPassage Publishing.

Think of it as a history book elaborating on Biological Leninism.

AllSubscribersto Bloody Shovel 4 will get an exclusive look as the book progresses. Once it done it will be sold at the Passage Press book store.