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Grift Rationale

Many friends have asked me since years ago why I don't start a Substack, or get a bluecheck on Twitter and start grifting there.

There's many reasons for that; one being that I just dislike depending on web platforms that can kick me out any day without recourse. It's the current year, we can and should try to handle publishing and payments without needing to ask permission to boomers who if not hate us don't give a shit about us.

Most importantly, all web2 platforms require KYC. I'd have to doxx myself to Substack, Twitter or whatever. Which isn't that big of a deal these days; it seems the worst of Left-led cancel culture are over. And for all I know the people at Substack like my blog. Still, I'm not Curtis Yarvin, I don't know these people personally and have no reason to trust them.

I do have bills to pay though, and would like to be have more time to write here and provide a good service for my audience, both with writing and good community software. I firmly believe the internet needs a place where you can say nigger and I want to help. The website is still under construction, it's not fully featured yet, but we'll get there.