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If Japan turns into Thailand then they'll treat gaijin like the Thais do
Which is nicely unless the gaijin are rude then they linch them immediately
Why do people take this faggot Luttwak seriously?
Precisely because he's a jewish faggot with a taste for Brazilian teenagers
the poor man-lover’s Kissinger
How do you cope with the fact that religion is
1. Factually bogus
2. One of the fundamentally necessary elements of a strong civilization
It's a tough one
Can anyone who knows Singapore describe what race relations there are like? I know very little but from some poastings, maybe biased, I get the sense that it's somewhat similar to the relationshit between Whites and niggers in the US. While more civil of course, still resentment from the minorities and there being a sense of wanting to "get back" at the majority who make everything work. Might be a fringe phenomenon though, idk.
USG is such a lolcow
Indians and Malays in Singapore would flay and eat every Chinese if they could
Not that they dare make a move but yeah not a lot of love around
I've been seeing more stories about how amazing and hot the US economy is right now
Presumably anticipating the election
Are you a Richard Hanania X account follower?
Gonna write a script to replace all instances of 'Hanania' here to 'Banania'
is the petrodollar treaty big deal?
did i come to wrong place at wrong time?
Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't sure if there were any true, unironic Banania fans at BS4, and didn't want to scare them off. However, I now realize this is not likely.
~lodwyl-rabmev Nah, you're fine if you can finish your degree. It's a good experience to go to other countries when young as long as you don't get killed. If it all starts crashing, just stay away from true Patriots. If you hear the word 'Pajeet' in an area a lot, that means the Patriots are close and you need to lie low for a bit.
The female ideal is to dress like a North African sex slave while seeking to retain the "dignity" of the girlboss, Princess Leia never dies.
are you able to ban people from this chat
Of course
I can delete messages too
Spandrell, WYB?
What's the based and redpilled school in the hundred schools of thought? The truest to nature for personal conduct and political ends? I propose an approach to answering this question: We begin with an undeniable axiom, e.g. the necessity of hitting the gym, and the self-evident goodness of TND and the obliteration of Africa, and then look at which system most easily reaches these positions. So the answer must be a Daoist-informed kind of legalistic approach, right?
that's a bonk
most based chinese school is the Legalists of course
Han Fei is one banger after another
it starts with a T and ends with an A
Amusing write-up on the studied silence regarding Max Stirner in 19th c. German intellectual history, a kind of Voldemort effect, people almost embarrassed to mention any affinity to the man and his ideas, perhaps out of self-awareness of their possibly seeming juvenile for it...
gonna need a tl'dr on that
The opposite of a tl;dr on Max Stirner… since 2016, I and a friend have published thousands of pages (on paper and online) about Max Stirner and his influence.
Among them my first book, “Confessions of a Failed Egoist.”
Marx and Engels knew Stirner personally, and disavowed him and his ideas when Stirner’s book came out. Nietzsche may or may not have read Stirner, evidence is mixed and influence is credible, but never said plainly that he did read Stirner. Mussolini did plainly say he read Stirner. What Machiavelli is to politics, Stirner is to philosophy.
My new book mentions Stirner but is not about Stirner. My new book is "Great Man Theory" (ISBN: 978-1944651343).
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Land has kids
Since when ??
The fuck you care
Just didn't expect it
I know people including liberals who adopt boomerish conservatism once they have kids i.e. start thinking about the future in simple and realist terms, wonder if that explains Land's turn to basic politics poasting in the past few years lol
Epictetus adopted a son.
Marx had children. He was generally unable to care for them until Engels (who inherited a fortune from his family’s factories) became his sugar daddy. Marx got his maid pregnant and the child was raised by Engles, never told Marx was his father.
Stalin, Mao and Castro had children.
Land is pretty old, his kids aren't toddlers.
Good point
Anyone know anything about the Osiris-Dionysus-Jesus connection?
anon is a fag
oh shieet..
Can women even be held accountable at all for their judgment? They certainly want freedom of judgment without the consequences. The naive and simple answer would be to let them find out. But if you are an enlightened misogynist, knowing they cannot help themselves, does the responsibility not fall back onto you?
It would be like getting mad at your dog for running off and barking instead of just keeping him on a leash to begin with. A lesson in there, perhaps...
Would you own a dog if it had the legal privileges women have today?
I don't get mad at women in my personal life, but I also don't take them seriously or treat them as adults
i thought men were fucked because of all the worldly bullshit but women are more fucked than men
announcement for juneeth or some holiday was like - "Apparently there is no class today because holiday, i didnt know and this is for those that dont" lmao
our math professor - based?
Corporations sent out emails about the holiday. Even BNs do not know about the holiday.
Sidenote: Why do people seethe so much about skilled labourers with comfy salaries? If one wants a job that pays in money not status, then one should have chosen that job. It seems that a lot status maximizers are jealous that status is rather worthless.
Is the cause of racism an acceptable reason to sound feministy?
Just posted an article proving the fixed genetic nature of East Asian low fertility and showing that adjusted for intermarriage it is exactly the same (to the decimal point) in the US as it is abroad.


~sivlyx-ronhut-narpel-bosred--sidsug-tasdev-docteg-mothep: that's what communism is meant to solve
Does the average white collar job really convey any status?
Majority of urbanite women will completely refuse to put out if you work blue collar, even if you make more than average computard brogrammer. Everyone I know doing such jewbs confirms this.
You might have a better chance just saying you do nothing at all
If you're into Latinas from bumfuck nowhere you would have a better shot though
Just do job title inflation. That's what software engineers did. We used to be blue collar "IT workers", but now we're all working on "engines", by which we mean, Javascript widgets :D
If you're an independent air conditioning contractor, you're a industrial systems mechanical engineer
Landscaping? More like exterior design & botanical architect
I was homeless and had nicer clothes than most people because the homeless shelter had all kinds of clothes in a huge pile for free, and none of the other homeless people wanted the nice ones
They all wanted to look homeless
I think status is more about identity and willing affiliation at this point
I saw the same phenomenon in Chihuahua. The indigenous Tarahumara people were not doing well, and consequently, very low status. And that situation will never change, because if you grow up Tarahumara and dislike alcoholism, poverty, low trust, etc, you don't try to change your own community, you just get western clothes and choose to identify as a Mexican, don't teach your kids the language, etc
Gypsies do that in Europe
You get evaporative cooling of ethnic traits
WYB? She seems like your typical over-educated sophomoric girl that feels entitled to something.
It’s a trend I see amongst girls, but I am unable to articulate the phenomenon.
Kinda hitting the wall already
WHB tho
Anyone have an idea as to what CCRUR from ~ tondes-sitrym does?
I saw it at hits
"We Need to Stop Babying Men with All Our Hermeneutic Labor" 😂
21st c. philosophy
Does anyone here have any idea how it is possible to create a website on Urbit that allows user input?
I have some idea
As strange as it may seem, I suspected that you would. What Urbit apps or tools did you use?
(I am asking because there isn't much info about how to do it out there)
I used Sail to make the frontend but you can use anything really
What you need is to get a planet and read properly
If you don't wanna code yourself and would rather pay shoot me an email and I'll share some contacts
Hot Take: Greece is the transwoman of Europe.
Hapas will be the suicidal vanguard of the whyte race
I'm trying to login via Urbit. It says I "will be redirected to your own ship's interface to authorize the login" but the site just loads and then times out. How can I get to the interface to authorize the login?
Where is your ship hosted? It can be slow the first time
Yes the lovely guys at Tlon disable external login
I recommend red horizon for this stuff
Self hosting is alight.
Got it thanks
yes please test using the word nigger
Spandrell, based or cringe?
Sorry Spandrell, here's the shortened URL:
Based, only because Assassin Creed is sophomoric history hell. Every game should be banned.
They should all hang
Dissolve the company and burn the premises
Kind of funny: Popular Chinese gacha game "Genshin" promised a South American/African inspired region and a first look at the characters has shown them all to be light-skinned, entire Anglophone fanbase completely buttblasted, "they need to die" "this company deserves to fail" etc.
Make them
Hello, I'm pleasantly supprised your blog is back and better than ever
@The Futurist Right, when you claim it's all genetics and not culture, did you consider both East Asians in America and East Asia live in progressive dystopias where traditional marriage is effectively illegal? That Europeans in boh America and Europe are seeing their fertility rates collapse under feminism?
You can read Korean, Japanese, and Taiwaness newspapers and easily find they sound very much like Harvard...
Well not as bad
But yes. And the difference with traditional yellow marriage is just so more stark
Traditional yellow marriage isn't so far from western coverture. Korea, which has seen the greatest collapse in birth rates in North East Asia, had similar practices to Western Christian Europe with marriage patterns i.e. being related (same family name/cousins) was highly taboo. The main change in Korea has been Westernization. Same with Japan which was effectively turned into an American colony and castrated psot WW2.
I'm not denying genetic differences. They exist, but I can't discard Jim's Blog arguement that culture matters a great deal as well.
The genetic arguement is far stronger if pointing out North East Asia has a far larger priestly caste as a result of confucian ideals and state exams. Such that Americanized Asia has been captured by a hostile religion has enforced it far more efficiently both on Asian populations in the US and back in Asia.
White Progressive Americans have simialar, if not lower, fertility rates than N E Asia... is the arguement that these Whites are somehow genetically low fertility? If so, how did they achieve the numbers for political dominance in the first place? It's not (purely) genetic, but rather a mind virus that has propagated via culture
Wtf does cousin marriage bans have to do with anything
Yellow marriages were early and the women were chattel.
Confucian bans on marriage within families during the Goryeo period, similar to European bans on incest during the early Christian Church, served to weaken the tight kinship structures that had previously dominated the societies. The Europeans started earlier than the Asians. The relevance is that marriage patterns between the Orient and the West are not so dramatically different to (by itself) justify low fertility being genetic. Yellow marriages were early... among the aristocracy, and the ages at which it happened ~12 to ~14 are not so different from Europe's aristocracy. Similarly, both the East and the West saw older ages among their commoner populations. What I'm trying to point out is that Yellow marriages were not so different from White marriages, and that both had similar class distinctions and tensions between "romance" and chattel. Moreover, women as chattel is deeply ingrained into the European Christian tradition, perhaps more so than the Asian Confucian tradition (Europe started earlier). Whereas Christianity puts all authority in the husband, Confucian cedes the home to the wife (to an extent) and you can see that in how Asian wifes tend to run household finance.
As has been pointed out in Futurist Right's comment section, East Asian fertility rates are not really that different from indiginous Europeans. Are we to believe Italians (1.24) are somehow lower fertility purely by genetic causes than the Japanese (1.26)? The UK isn't that far from Japan either when looking at their ~1.57... and these European stats include non-Europeans who have high fertility rates. It's strangely difficult to find White fertility rates in Europe, I wonder why?
As for the arguement about creativity, has anything worthwhile come out of Hollywood lately? Where the Americans of 1970s really so different from those now? Yes, there's a lot more nonwhites in the country, but funnily enough Hollywood is still mostly liberal white+jewish. Same for Europe. Have the Germans genetically become unable to produce great statues of the likes of Arno Breker, or is there a cultural factor at play that has crushed creativity in the West.
I'm not talking about family structure, I'm talking strictly about marriage, husband and wife. how yellows and whites treated their wives
what are you even talking about women were chattel in the christian tradition? they had to consent individually to the wedding!
The positive effects of war on mental health were first noticed by the great sociologist Emile Durkheim, who found that when European countries went to war, suicide rates dropped. Psychiatric wards in Paris were strangely empty during both world wars, and that remained true even as the German army rolled into the city in 1940. Researchers documented a similar phenomenon during civil wars in Spain, Algeria, Lebanon, and Northern Ireland. An Irish psychologist named H. A. Lyons found that suicide rates in Belfast dropped 50 percent during the riots of 1969 and 1970, and homicide and other violent crimes also went down. Depression rates for both men and women declined abruptly during that period, with men experiencing the most extreme drop in the most violent districts. County Derry, on the other hand—which suffered almost no violence at all—saw male depression rates rise rather than fall. Lyons hypothesized that men in the peaceful areas were depressed because they couldn’t help their society by participating in the struggle.
“When people are actively engaged in a cause their lives have more purpose... with a resulting improvement in mental health,” Lyons wrote in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research in 1979. “It would be irresponsible to suggest violence as a means of improving mental health, but the Belfast findings suggest that people will feel better psychologically if they have more involvement with their community.”
Seems legit. What do u all think about this.
Fertility rates in Israhell are surely supporting evidence yes?
"they couldn't help their society" is such a pozzed take tho
men aren't happier at war because they're happy about "helping society"
they enjoy doing violence with their buddies
@anon - UK born women is a decent proxy for white european birthrates in Britain given how late mass non-white immigration started. It's what I believe I used. Japan is supporting evidence for my thesis; it had a minority tradition of love marriages, and their existence is probably evidence of a less chattely form of the majority arranged marriages.
- Futurist Right Substack. So the East Asian country with the more European marriage pattern has a lower European level birthrate. Italy and Southern Spain had the least free women, and now that they are free they don't breed. It's actually quite simple really.
Well, just Spain really.
Spain and Italy; intra-national comparisons don't exactly support my theory - yet anyway. But I think the distribution of wealth within them might.
"they had to consent individually to the wedding!" Just how much "consent" can a 12-14 year old give? Let's not kid ourselves into thinking parantal influence was absent or weak. Old type Christianity (and Confucianism), along with traditional Europe (and Asia), has long been accused of being patriarchal... because it is. Children are to listen to their fathers, wives submit to their husbands. Girls are introduced to boys of the patriarch's choosing. We can see echos of of this in what remains of debaunte balls. Free choice but only of preselected pro-social males. This isn't so different from Asia's arraigned marriages where yes, the daughter's opinion was "considered" in the process.
In both Aisa and Europe, women were generally seen as property of either their father or their husband. You can still see traces of such thinking, and marriage patterns, in some mennonite/amish communities.
@Futurist, Germany had a tfr of 1.57 in 2016, the highest since the 1970s... but in that year 23 percent of births were to non German women. If my fairly crude estimate is correct, that would mean an actual tfr for German women was only 1.22. What was China's tfr again? In 2016 it was 1.77, are Germans now honorary Asians now? Look, my point is that the entire civilized world's tfr is fucking bad, and only getting worse, and the main common feature is female emancipation.
Then there's the trust issue. Are the statistics real? Are they accurate? No one is allowed to really study it for the same reason no one is really allowed to know how much crime certain groups commit. I suspect Europe's fertility rates among actual Europeans is worse and really not that different than Asia's.
The avg age of first marriage for women was 25 by the end of the 1500s in Britain. In the rest of NW Europe it was maybe 2-3 yrs younger. Italy might've gone as low as 17 at some point. Roman Egypt was 18. Aristotle says the ideal female age at marriage is 18 (male 38 or 42) because among those savages in places with young marriage ages the people are ugly and deformed.
- Futurist Right. You're basically repeating shit-lib propaganda about our past while adding (but it was a good thing) lol. Better than being a shit-lib I guess, but only mildly... - FR
RIP France. What's shocking is the number of Whites in those crowds celebrating total libtard victory. Where is the natural disgust mechanism at being surrounded by swarthoids everywhere? The smell alone should do it.
Motherfuck - FR
Jewish masterplan - To invite a gorillion Bomalis into the places you very carefully infiltrated and set up quiet lives for yourselves, then after trillions of dollars and all these years still can't delete a few sq miles of sandniggers, creating national rallying cries for more Bomalis who hate your guts. Bravo!
What I said... "Yellow marriages were early... among the aristocracy, and the ages at which it happened ~12 to ~14 are not so different from Europe's aristocracy. Similarly, both the East and the West saw older ages among their commoner populations." Yes, the avg age of first mariage for women in NW Europe was, depending on the time and place, in the 20s, but NE Asia was also similar, commoners brought the avg up. I pointed out arrainged marraige was common and very young among the aristocracy. I'm trying to point out marriage patterns between the East and the West are not so different to explain lower fertility among Asians, especially when actual Europeans on both sides of the Hegal line are in similar tfr ranges as Asia. As for "repeating shit-lib propaganda" I think it's a bit funny you uphold 1500s Britain as some sort of standard. Do you not know what was happening there at the time? It was the birthplace of European socialism (in the modern sence) and female "liberation". I think you're wrong about women, wrong about the history of women and marriage, wrong about what exactly the breeding differences are between West and East, and that you are mistaking our current predictament for "genetics" when the sheer collaspse of fertility in both the West and East has obviously been feminism and legal equality.
They are not at similar rates though - Korea just hit 0.68 - Sweden is at 1.5. Yeah, China is higher. Why? Well China isn't nearly as wealthy as Korea or Sweden. Now, of course feminism is shit for birthrates but killing feminism, hell even killing v2.0 gets American whites above replacement. Will this work with E.Asians? Obviously not. Probably not with many South Euros either. Yellow standard marriages were roughly age 17 before the 1800s, so comparable to an earlier period for some of Italy.
- FR
Sweden!? Are you serious. You're using data from one of the most cucked nations in the world. Over 30% of births are to foriegn born mothers which would roughly translate to an actual tfr of 1.05. I suspect the data would be even worse if ethnicity data wasn't being hidden. Lower than China and Japan. Even lower than Taiwan. Only higher than Korea. You bring up Korea like it's some sort of genetic mystery, the reality is that it's one of the most hyper "educated" nations in the world and they are effectively an American colony. There's a massive culture war going on right now using ideas learned directly out of US universities.
The young women have been taught to hate men. The young men have been told it is illegal to behave as men and that they're toxic. The ensuing socio-political mess has been the major factor in the sudden and massive decline of marriage in the last 20 years.
@FR, come to Jim's blog at You'll find many interesting ideas and esoteric knowledge. The commentariat is very active and smart. I think you still have some progressive assumptions that haven't been rooted out yet.
Or at the very least, you'll find some engaging debate
Cuckoldry as a statistical confounder.
christian women didn't marry 12-14. ever
i mean i don't dispute the basic thesis, civilization is cooked everywhere
korea and urban china a bit more tho, 0.7 is crazy
but spanish TFR won't save anyone for sure
France is indeed cooked. last chance vibes
There seems to be a difference between "upper class" gays who are usually fairly reserved about their affliction like Peter Thiel and the "lower class" gays who do muh pride and love niggers. I think the upper class type of gay can be rather useful much like Jews, assuming you carefully manage them and actively disallow formation of cabals. Few straight men are interested in the work of "homoerotic propaganda for example, but it seems rather useful for popularizing your image to women. Gays who are politically aligned with you in this aspect
can be useful
I would put BAP in this category. Thoughts?
Women obviously want to look at pictures of hot and fit dudes. But straight men would never want to organize the photoshoots for magazines or do the marketing work for example. They'd never look beyond only promoting themselves personally for the dating app.
thats gay
Spandrell what do you think about this article (from 2016): On Pearl Harbor Day, A Question: Is Today’s Japan Really A Sincere American Friend?
"All conventional wisdom to the contrary, however, Japan and China are not enemies. The two East Asian great powers quietly buried the hatchet more than 35 years ago and, at least as far as top policymakers are concerned, their relations have long been remarkably close and even warm."
The article seems pretty factual though. What makes you say that?
China definitely has a lot of anime loving weaboos in the youth for example. Travel to Japan is also quite popular, isn't it?
yeah but politically in China it's the one thing that will get you canceled
people get canceled all the time for weebery
Chinese love Japan when they traevl, it's like a better version of themselves. but they know better not to say that
I see. But also heard the CCP is trying to stifle hardcore anti-Japanese sentiment online too
Welp keeping the options open-ended I guess
That Chinese game I mentioned before - Whole cast released only 20 minutes ago - 5k QTs all seething about how everyone is too white/light-skinned and how there aren't enough niggers - At least 15k more incoming over the next 24h, it's so beautiful
what game?
"Genshin" -- If you look up on Twitter anything variation of Hoyo/Genshin/Natlan + white/black, e.g. Natlan black, or just "melanin" even -- you can find a gorillion complaints, crying, shidding pants, threads on postcolonial theory and cultural appropriation, Chinese racism, fugly negrifying edits, campaigns to boycott, etc.
Anyone got any insight into why the grassniggers of Central Asia seem to have high and relatively stable birth rates? Especially Kazakhstan, which is more or less the equivalent of any Eastern European country in terms of living standards, urbanization etc
Mongolia seems to be in the same camp too
Yeah no clue but it's interesting
@Spandrell - Bride kidnapping tended to be a voluntary process; and even when not it selected at least somewhat for the type of men women find attractive?
yeah I mean it's never been that widespread
but the talk of indignant women killing themselves etc. i'm sure it's way overblown
it's funny because apparently in kyrgyzstan it started as a LARP recently and it was never that prevalent historically. they basically made it up again and now it's very popular