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Apparently Bronze Age Pervert was suspended from Twitter. Perhaps permanently. Though I imagine he'll be back.

People have been asking where I am; and well, I'm right here. Not blogging much, true, but I've been busy, so my time online has been almost exclusively on Urbit.

You can find me there, every day, most of my waking hours. Reach out by sending a DM to ~docteg-mothep.

You can also send me an email, but I don't check that often. I am also on Telegram but won't be for much longer. It's always felt weird to me that Telegram exists. It doesn't make any money, no big corp owns it, what's in it for Durov? "Oh he's rich from VK". He's rich so he wastes his own personal money providing free messaging apps? Lol. I might have a bridge to sell you.

So yes, if you want to reach out, I'm on Urbit. I am not on Twitter, and I will never be on Twitter again. Urbit has microblogging and a Twitter client now and it's pretty damn neat.

Reaching me by leaving comments on this blog is just dumb and lazy. Please don't do that. Comments are that, comments. Note that the next iteration of this blog will have some new features, but commenting will be restricted for those with Urbit accounts. It's only fair.

People have to rise up and own their own digital life. Bros whine all the time about the left and big tech oppression, but then keeping giving them your time and your money. That won't do. There's a better way, it already exists. You just need to be a man and put a little effort. If it's too hard for you, then maybe you being oppressed by the left is just natural selection at work.

Your choice.

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  • Could you - or anyone so inclined - answer a few questions for me? 1. Is it possible for ISPs to easily spot Urbit traffic? Does Urbit hide its traffic among I2P or some P2P protocols packets? I am concerned that the ease of identifying Urbit users simplifies the Regime's job in building a list of high value targets (technologically adept right wing dissidents). 2. How can one interface with the rest of the non-Urbit world using it? 3. If you can't, then of what use is isolating yourself in a ghetto? Unless there is some way to engage with normies there's no reason for someone like me to be on Urbit. Preaching to the choir is not productive. The Benedict Option is just laying up supplies and women for the nearest regime-endorsed warlord. We are better off learning how to blend in and hide among a sea of normies so we can spread heresy and subvert regime efforts. While I understand the utility of a communication channel that is invisible to the regime, I haven't seen any evidence that Urbit is this thing. No one has made any effort to sell me on the actual material benefits of Urbit other than saying, "Get on Urbit, you're a loser/moron/genetic-dead-end if you don't." Given that this is the same type of rhetoric used by reptilians turning the frogs gay and trying to stick me with experimental mRNA chemicals, I'm inclined to say no out of reflex. Show me that Urbit isn't yet another honeypot and I'll learn it. Until you do so, I'll assume the worst... just like I do with every other thing in my life.

    • 1. I'm no network engineer. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out Urbit traffic with deep packet inspection but there's ways to spoof that. If people are getting arrested you bet we'll figure out something. 2. You can serve a web server from Urbit, you can also access Urbit data from a non-Urbit website via an API. I run a website where you can register with your email or your Urbit ship, your choice. "Show me Urbit isn't yet another honeypot" The code is on github. If you can't read the code how am I supposed to explain this to you in a way you understand it? If you don't understand things you can only work with probability. And the probability of Urbit being a honeypot is, at the very least, lower than any single other piece of software out there. You do use software, right? Just switch to Urbit.

      • How can I read more of your posts? They were funny, fascinating, and on point.

        • Does Urbit have an RSS feed, unlike your setup here?

        • What happened to your old Urbit server? It was super poppin, then one day, poof... no more Spandrell.

        • Urbit is not on windows unfortunately and not on Linux either. The two systems i primarily use.

        • I've been trying to join the forum in your Urbit group, with no success. I just get a loading symbol that never loads. Oh well, I expect it'll work eventually. You might be interested in my new blog BTW, it's sorta related to your interests...maybe? https://anjel.blog

          • Same here.. the bloody-shovel channels all stopped updating for me in June 2021. Today I left the group and tried to re-join from the link in the header here, but I get an error saying: "Unable to join group, you do not have the correct permissions". Anyone know how to address this? Is a breach in order (again)?