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The Spandrell Declaration for Israel and the Levant

In October 7, 2023 Hamas operatives out of Gaza made a surprise attack on southern Israel, killing apparently 1,000+ Israelis, mostly civilians living in the surrounding kibbutz. They went on quite the rampage and besides killing and burning they took a few hundred people hostage too. Israel was shocked, naturally, and responded in force. In pretty massive force. They sent the whole army to Gaza and as they're still fighting there as of the time of writing, June 2024. Basically bombed the shit o...

All politics are identity politics

Said Matt Yglesias. Who, while being a disgusting piece of grease, is more candid than most other apparatchiks. Which is useful in understanding what leftists, or a particular set of leftists from a particular ethnic group, are thinking about. See this other recent example:

Mmm why would he say that?


There, FTFY.

If you're into memes this guy makes the same point.

It's all Business

Take a look at this:

I got mildly triggered. Man, these Jews. It seems like they're doing it on purpose to piss people off. Then I noticed the ad on the page:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.57.57

Maybe they are doing it on purpose. To get clicks. An article a while ago put it well, that modern media are "rage profiteers". Maybe Jewish agitation is just a business to get ad clicks. Jews have been at the forefront of the media industry since 18th century newspapers and they pretty much created the mode...

Jewish soul

I have my reserves towards the, let's call it Moldbug theory of Jewish leftism, which argues that Jews aren't a causative agent of leftism, but that during Emancipation the Jews contracted the virus of Progressivism, and being highly talented, they caused the virus to mutate and grow further into the catastrophic malady that it became.

I really have my reserves. In the end it's all about assigning blame, and when you think about it carefully, the whole idea is quite misguided. Assigning blame for...

Money and happiness

He, a Goldsmith 23 years old, she, a Rothschild, 22. The absurdly cute couple have a lovely wedding, and strengthen the ties of their two noble families.

Well these are Jews (or are they? They look very mixed and not observant at all), but it's like the poster image of the society that Christian traditionalists want. By now, he's 31, she's 30, they have 3 lovely children. So no fertility problems here. But something's happened.

Look at her. What's with that outfit? And that face... I don't mean th...

Profiteering done right

A Jewish acquaintance of mine, an old man, told me once: "You Christians are nuts. What's that about rich people going to hell? Blessed are the poor? You should praise the rich, they might be useful to you."

I guess he had a point. Christianity, well understood, is not very conducive to doing business. This idea was confirmed on seeing a shrine for the Chinese Money God. How can we compete with a people for whom money is a god? See how the fuckers translate it to Mammon (see below the main banner...

Pedigree and HBD

There's a good proof of HBD here in Business Insider.

As I said earlier, BI is mostly crap, but they know their audience. Do you imagine the WSJ making an article on the Rothschilds? They're not supposed to exist, you know. They're a myth, a conspiracy theory, like Jewish influence in the USA.

Well they're very real, and doing very well. Privilege! You may say. Well sure. But come on, privilege doesn't make you a good violinist. Or it doesn't assure that your wineries or horse collections don't lo...

Rothschilds desperate with China

The Economist just opened a new exclusive section for  China, taking China out of their Asian. So China is the new focus country of The Economist, besides the US. Here they explain why the interest: they will use the section to argue for political reform.

Read the whole thing, it's the most disingenuous piece of journalism ever. I'll take some representative quotes:

Now what a huge bunch of non-sequiturs. Some points are reasonable, most of them are not. What reading between the lines gets you is...

1000 arabs for 1 jew

So it seems like the Israeli government has reached a deal with Hamas over the return of their one little captive soldier, Gilad Shalit.

The poor Ashkenazi fella, just 25 this year, was kidnapped 5 years ago by Hamas, in a cross border raid. Of course Hamas used it immediately to negotiate the release of palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Israel always refused.

I don't know what happened in Israel's internal politics that made Netanyahu accept a deal right now. Maybe the Israeli youth demonstra...