Troon Epidemic among American programmers

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So I was doing some reading on modern CSS features. Find this site about CSS layers .

Miriam Suzanne, the spec author for cascade layers, noted in her original explainer (some information is now outdated) that “Cascade Layers would allow authors to define their own layering scheme and avoid specificity or source-order conflicts across concerns.” We’ll learn more about those key concepts of specificity and source order (aka “order of appearance”) to understand better when to use layers.

Oh, the spec author is a “Miriam” ? A woman? Really? Oh wait, what happens when a talented programmer has a woman name. Say, a Rust developer. I've seen this play before.

So I look up “Miriam Suzanne” , and right enough, here's his personal website . “Protect trans kids” . Because of course. His twatter account: .

Just how many trunneys are there in american software development? Be reminded that non-homosexual mtofs do not exist in Asia, period, and I've not seen much of them in Europe either. It's hilarious how big of an epidemic it is in America tho.

I remember distinctly the “women-in-tech” hysteria about “brogrammers” in the 2010s. Hilarious that the end result of that was male programmers becoming women and trolling the shit out of femoid entryists in programming.

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  • This reminds me of the bold prediction that women would eventually outrun, or at least be just as fast as, men.

    Maybe women™️ will finally allow us to abolish the outdated practice of sex segregation in sport.

    • The dude who created React is also a troon + some amazing teen I saw on HN who is adapting Linux to the M1 or something like that. Sad.

      • Is this the secret as to why China will never catch up with the US in innovation? However if they do, then probably the troon stuff was not necessary and we can shut it down.

        • It's no longer a secret, as Transkarlin and Banania have leaked it already.

          • lol, I don't really follow them and their posts appear randomly on my timeline due to the algorithm and looking at some of their earlier posts. I try not to do that since that will make their stuff appear more often, but I would be curious to see them spell out that thesis. But the good news is that Anatoly doesn't have to actually become trans and can stay an inanimate object like he prefers, since he doesn't do programming.

        • Rust community seems to be particularly affected by it. Perhaps a side effect of its popularity, but the % seems higher than other in other langs. Software development is high iq and one of the bluest professions in the US, as per the bloomberg graphic from a few years ago. So not surprising they'd gravitate there. The only question is why America is so afflicted by it.

          • i saw a funny post on twatter that suggested the CIA spread HRT in nerd communites the same way they spread crack in black communities in the 80s

          • Autism + romantic failures + pr0n + lots of free time and income. Material factors make it trivial for them to end up ahead stochastically, while mentally, well...