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There are quite a few Telegram channels that I follow, so not here as much due to that, but a couple of the channels have interesting observations on life, Europe and the Ukraine conflict. Now, that doesn't mean that what they say agrees with the overall theme of, but I find it interesting and it's a good conversation starter. I already posted some of Sharij's material on the 'Modern Inquisition' thread. He's a bit of a flawed character who used to be the leader of the second most popular opposition party in Ukraine and is living in exile in the EU since 2013. Before being an opposition leader, he was a journalist who started his own reporting cite from the EU that focused on revealing corruption and the moral bankruptcy of leaders and the systems that they create, most famously in Ukraine. Recently in March 2024, the Zelenskiy government tried to kill him. I'll try to post his thoughts on society from time to time in this thread that I find interesting, and give a link to the original post. The first one of his pearls of wisdom will be in the first comment.


The first post if from Palm Sunday and links to a video where in a church celebrating Easter, the believers who brought along willow (I think that is the tree?) leaves are being thrown out of church along with the priest. This is probably because they are celebrating on the old calendar that was changed last year to be the Western one, so whoever celebrates according to the old calendar is a secret Russian. This is also a way for the government church to confiscate one from the old church. Sharij makes an interesting observations that Ukrainians are uniquely a snitch and traitorous nation. I think that it is both true and not true. Probably all people are the same, but that area of the Steppe has a history of being taken over by enemies since forever. You had to be nice to the new ruler and betray your neighbor to survive. This happened in the 20th century as well, so that gets passed down, making the people more willing to betray and snitch due to relatively recent stories from older relatives. Here's the video. And a modified Google Translation:

“Russian propaganda” - people with willows, as I understand it - are being driven out of churches. They shout and curse at them.

Or again the “Christians” are trying to confiscate another church.

We discussed this today. There is some kind of flaw in us. It's like a gaping wound in the nation.

I have not seen in other places, that in such dark hours they killed THEIR OWN with such frenzy. They themselves killed their own.

They snitch, they cheat, they killed at the very beginning [of the war] at checkpoints, they threaten to kill, threaten to hand over over, to lie about someone, to frame, and to rob.

This is the celebration of the Feast of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. They waved palm leaves, but we don’t have palm trees, that’s why willow leaves are used.

And also during Holodomor, they would say that all villages were cordoned off exclusively by Russians sent from Moscow... of course. And only Muscovites and Jews wrote denunciations to the NKVD.

Seriously, you look at this nonsense, this utter ignorant, peasant women with the faces resembling those of Van Gogh’s potato eaters, you clearly understand that you don’t want to have anything in common with them"


Sorry, by all people 'are the same' I meant Europeans. Obviously Ukrain/England are quite different from Uganda. This reminds me of an interesting anecdote from when Kruschev, who was from Ukraine actually, and had the recent example of the same type of people going to the Nazis to snitch on their neighbors who were communists or Jews, and then just a couple of years later going to the NKVD to snitch on other neighbors who worked with the Nazis. Kruschev just took over from Stalin and was leading a party meeting where he was talking about Stalin's repressions and berating people for being so willing to go along with the excesses. Someone shouted 'and where were you!?' and Kruschev shouted back 'Who said that!?' and started looking around the suddenly quite giant hall. After a while and when people in one are were clearly making moves to identify the culprit, he cut off further activity by saying, 'You see! That's where I was.'


It's really very telling that they are so threatened by one priest and a few old ladies holding willow branches. I think most of these hostile takeovers of churches are by godless sovoks, not even so much schismatics from the fake and gae rival church. The level of sincere and consistent observation of Christianity is rather low in Rus', maybe 2%.

A few technical details.

Since Easter is a moveable feast, the difference is not only about Gregorian versus Julian calendar, but about the rule for how to calculate it (in both cases the rule is a lunar rather than solar calculation but the rules differ in how they relate to the Jewish Passover).

The willow branches in place of palm leaves are common across many Slavic lands, including Catholic Czechia and Poland, where you can find ancient willow trees behind old churches that have obviously been harvested for countless generations. The fact that the invaders of the church are not carrying the branches themselves is another indication the invaders aren't even fake and gae Christians.


I meant to use this thread for regular updates, but too busy with work and life. And I did miss some really good rants in the last few weeks. I sometimes hope that I will get to them at some point by going back through the Sharij Telegram channel, but with an active war going that is not likely. Anyways, here's a short interlude where Sharij comes out against porn in this Telegram post:

'A porn actress came to Pereyaslavl University named after Grigory Skovoroda. She pontificated upon how she came to “adult cinema”, how she acted, and how cool it was. She also shared her thoughts on how much Ukraine would earn from legalizing porn.

“So far it doesn’t bother me. I would like to make my own basic passive income from real estate. I am saving money and want to invest in a couple of apartments in Dubai, because the conditions there are very favorable. I also want to travel around the world and enjoy life."

Do you understand how screwed up people are there now? Do you understand why you (i.e. a normal person) often DO NOT UNDERSTAND them AT ALL?

They brought a whore to University to give a lecture to students, where she tells how cool it is to fuck in front of the camera for money and how she enjoys life. And the University is proud of the guest and does not think that anything is wrong with this picture. Ukraine is a finished place and there will be useful or sensible to do there from now.


Now, to add from me, I'm sure that there must be some precedent for this in Western society. Also, this doesn't send a very good message to people during wartime since men cannot really escape the draft by being porn stars, although maybe... they might make an exception for the profession. But they still can't leave the country legally. Ultimately not everyone can be a porn star because you need consumers to make it economically viable. As for women, it may be a better message for them, but it's probably better to just leave and try to get a decent job somewhere else. University is now anyways a good way to escape the draft, so maybe the pornstar visit was topical.

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Morale has been low lately. Maybe if we descrecate babushka's church, turn our daughters into whores, and have another pride parade, God will smile on us and grant us victory.