The Spandrell Declaration for Israel and the Levant


In October 7, 2023 Hamas operatives out of Gaza made a surprise attack on southern Israel, killing apparently 1,000+ Israelis, mostly civilians living in the surrounding kibbutz. They went on quite the rampage and besides killing and burning they took a few hundred people hostage too. Israel was shocked, naturally, and responded in force. In pretty massive force. They sent the whole army to Gaza and as they're still fighting there as of the time of writing, June 2024. Basically bombed the shit out of Gaza, destroyed the bulk if not all of the buildings there and killed, again as of now, 30k+ people.

Why am I writing about this? This is not a blog about current affairs, and certainly not a blog about Middle Eastern politics. In normal circumstances I wouldn't give a fuck. I actually don't give a fuck about this whole war. If Israel had just rushed into Gaza, killed 100k Arabs in a week and reoccupied Gaza, I wouldn't be writing anything. But the war has been dragging on for so long that it' started to affect wider politics in the West, and Israel being quite a special country the political turmoil that has aroused all around is getting pretty bad. The more it drags on the more political strivers see an opening to use the conflict to insert themselves and fish some status for themselves, protesting, agitating, proposing this or that solution.

This is important in itself, in that this is how politics work in general; you can't avoid shit happening but if you're in power you want to solve shit fast , else sociopathic status maximizers will see openings to stir things up, creating entropy all around which is going to end up biting you. Israel usually gets this process but they fucked it up this time. It happens. At any rate, a lot of people have been talking about Israel in general so I've been compelled to write up my position so that it's well known. I should've done this earlier.

I don't think I've ever spelled out my position on the Jewish Question on this blog, though I might have on Twitter or other places. There's two parts on the JQ, the past and the future. The past is whether one believes that Jews are to blame for the leftward ideological turn of Western Civilization since the late 19th century. There's two well defined camps here: those who squarely blame the Jews for it, the whole thing; let's call it the Kevin Macdonald (I don't know the exact spelling and I don't care, Anglos should fix their damn script). Then there's the other camp that says Jews are not to blame, Europeans were turning Communist on their own, leftist lunacy is a very old and perfectly Christian tradition going back to the French Cathars or the English Levellers or whatever. Jews just hopped onto the most trendy political current at the time of their immigration to Western Europe and that happened to be Communism. Curtis Yarvin is perhaps a good representative of this position.

My own position is a bit more nuanced, but it's squarely within the former camp. I do believe Jews were a necessary component for the leftist turn, and effectively the decline and fall of Western Civilization in the 20th century. But not a sufficient part of it. Jews didn't, as many, mostly the dumbest part of the internet right appear to believe, make leftism out of thin cloth, one eaten baby christian at a time, and hypnotized an unwitting Based and Redpilled Western Civilization into its demise. No, egalitarian demagogy was indeed an old and sturdy European tradition going back forever really (think of the Plebs vs Patricians in Rome), and Christianity made it quite worse, with lunatic egalitarian sects popping up periodically all over Europe.

But European civilization had developed antibodies against it. There was an equilibrium and while there were bad, almost catastrophic flare-ups now and then (e.g. the French Revolution), it was usually kept under control, and Western Civilization was progressing just fine. Hell it completely dominated the planet by 1900. Completely. Ashkenazi Jews then came up of the damn Pale of Settlement, and armed with the highest IQs on earth, forged over centuries of inbreeding by their top autistic talmudic debaters, they rushed onto the cream of Euroamerican cities and, developing terrible neuroses having trouble coping with the Ordeal of Civility, put all their energy, almost to a man, into the most destructive ideological currents they found. So the centuries old delicate ideological balance of European society between egalitarianism and laissez-faire was broken. Almost everywhere with disastrous consequences; Anglo countries managed barely to keep classical liberalism going, Italy and Germany turned fascist to contain the Red Wave, France muddled along precariously until they lost WW2. Russia tragically was murdered by Bolsheviks and never really recovered. Bolsheviks being famously heavily Jewish.

Would have we had actual Communist countries without Jews? I don't think so. Are Jews solely responsible? Of course not. The seeds were already there and plenty of gentile Communists joined and even led Leftist organizations. This take I believe is the fairest. I believe I took this view from Steve Sailer back in the late 2000s when he was debating Curtis Yarvin on this topic; he appears to have changed his opinion somewhat since then. But I have not.

So this is my take on the Past section of the Jewish Question. What about the future? What do we do about Jews now? On this part there's much less defined camps. Nobody likes to talk solutions, you know. Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights. There might some legal repercursions too, if I'm not mistaken advocating genocide is an actual crime in most of Europe to begin with. But hey this blog is all about stating things clearly. And Questions are to be answered, that's the whole point. Taking positions about historical questions is fun and good for taking positions and arguing on the internet but at the end of the day that's just as pointless as watching sportsball. We care about solutions here.

Obviously one camp agrees with Hitler and thinks all Jews should be murdered. This camp aligns with those who blame the jews fully for Leftism; they're also very vocal against Israel today. I've always found weird to see literal Nazis, racist Hitler fans yapping in public about the poor Palestinians and how mean the Israelis are. Why do you give a fuck about Arabs? You, Aryan Power Christian Nationalist with a Crusader pfp really care Arabs being slaughtered? Come on. You can hate Jews without being gay.

I'll state plainly that I disagree with this. There was a quite lively debate a few weeks ago on Twitter about whether Ashkenazi Jews really are high IQ. It surprised me a lot of the people on the internet RW disagree and think it's a myth. I believe European Jewish achievement is out there for everyone to see and it does prove they just are very good human capital. And we shouldn't destroy good human capital. Intelligence is the most valuable resource in the world. We should cherish it.

That said, competence is good in your friends; in your enemies it's terrible. It is precisely the fact that Jews are intelligent that allowed them to cause so much damage to Western Civilization over the industrial age. Ashkenazis were, as a whole, hostile to Europeans. So how do we deal with that?

I don't think we need any galaxy brain solution, Zyklon B or whatever. What should be done with disloyal people? Exile. Or as people like to put it today, “Remigration” . In a nation state, 'multiculturalism' is completely absurd. Under no circumstance should a country allow ethnic minorities of any kind to exist long term. What is an ethnic group ? It's a group of people who marry each other exclusively. And why would they do that? To stay distinct. And why the fuck would they want to stay distinct? How is that not a plain, blatant show of contempt towards their host nation? The only reason to do ethnic separatism is to engage in nepotism and use clique effects to benefit the group against a less organized population. It's literally a conspiracy, that's all there is. How the hell is this allowed? It boggles the mind really.

Note that the usual rationale to do ethnic conspiracies in Western countries is the ruse of 'religion'. Oh you see, we're not an ethnic mafia using the advantage of our small scale to organize better against you, oh no. We just have this “supernatural beliefs” which are just too compelling so you must let us do it or we'll burn in hell, you see. Hey look, my wife is crying. Female tears! Now submit, goyim. Note it's not just Jews doing it, it's a trick as old as sin, happened all the time since the ancient world. Understanding that is why Classical Civilization evolved universally enforced State Religions, to close that loophole and get rid of ethnic mafias. You can think of the Catholic Church as the first iteration of anti-cartel legislation. Northern Europeans weren't dumb, the first thing they did after breaking the Catholic Church was to establish State Churches of their own to close the loophole again. It was hard though, everybody prefers cliques to open competition.

I say it's time we close that loophole again. No ethnic minorities are allowed in our countries, period. Jews have two choices. They can renounce their religion, pledge to marry a gentile, and raise their kids as normal. Or they can go to the Jewish State. They have one now, a thriving one, called Israel. One to which we can't go live, by the way. So it's only fair.

Now Israel is a rather small country. There's already 8 million Jews there in a territory of about 30k sqkm including the West Bank. If all European Jews were to go there that would add up to 10 million more people. They could fit in if they all lived like ants in Hong Kong style development, but that's hardly fair. Israel needs lebensraum. I think they should have it.

I have nothing against the various Arab states of the Levant, but the fact is they're not doing much with the land they're occupying, besides breeding useless biomass which they then send over to leech on European countries. Which is enough to make me angry. For every Arab that moves to Europe that's one point on the Mandate of Heaven that their countries have lost. Ever since 1948 Arab states have lost again and again every war against Israel. Israel wasn't allowed to take much land from that due to pressure from USG. Which is just unfair. As I said at the beginning, I truly don't give a fuck about wars in the Middle East. Or anywhere, really. Israel of course shouldn't be bankrolled by the US or any foreign power. But if it wins, and decides to grab the whole Sinai or Lebanon or whatever, it should be able to. They won, fair and square.

I say that the ideal state of affairs is a strong Jewish State, with borders from, say, Suez to the Euphrates (I've seen some maps that claim the East Bank of the Nile but that's just ugly. Demonic really). And then all Jews, every single one , goes live there in happiness to be the best Jew they can be. Sure they can still travel and get work visas and whatever but the condition for a Green Card or equivalent residence permit should be, as a matter of principle, a prohibition of marrying a co-ethnic and raising your kids in anything but the national ethnicity and religion. Again this is not about Jews alone, Jews are just the worst and most salient example of a wider problem.

Note in this scenario we don't just sign the new borders off to Israel and nuke the Arabs out of their homes. This is just a loose policy framework. The land is for Israel to conquer. If they try and fail, and get slaughtered, well oops, sucks to be you. Again nothing personal against Syrians or Jordanians or whatever, but it should be up to them. Get your youngsters bumming in Berlin and fight properly inst Israel if you care so much. But again, it's just none of our business. If wars happen, especially in rather inconsequential pieces of land as the Levant, what do we care? Let them have it.

Is any of this possible? Fuck no, liberal democracies are and have been wide open playground for foreign (and internal!) ethnic mafias to plunder with abandon for centuries. But hey, you never know. At any rate, while historical analysis is good and important, we should be in the business of leaving policy prescriptions for the eventuality that, maybe sometime, our descendants live in a better world. And I think this is the best and fairest solution for a very thorny problem.

To make all of this short, if I were Arthur Balfour, I would write:

Dear Lord Rothschild,
You have to go back.

Before organically developed race science was deleted in 1945 and then later revived by autists in terms of one single number that happens to place Jews in first place and Aryans in third, there was almost no interest in characterizing the vitality of races in terms of individual intellect.

I say “almost” but in my (admittedly incomplete) reading I can't recall a single example of this. And maybe that makes sense, since after all the relative success of the Mongoloid and Aryan countries is hardly well predicted by this number.

Back in that time, the Jews and Aryans were seen as very distinct races with the Jews leading in “will” and the Aryans leading in “creativity”. Jews, it was believed, were highly driven to succeed in whatever they chose to do but were deeply unimaginative, incapable of producing new ideas by themselves.

And indeed Aryans seem to be beginning to complain that their culture looks “stuck” as it becomes increasingly Judaized. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.

All this is to say that even if their disagreements with one another could be set aside, we may not wish to replace 100 mean IQ Aryans all with 115 mean IQ Rabbinic book-memorizers, and indeed a country composed ONLY of the latter may have serious problems developing a real economy or even defending itself. Also, they might be aware of that.


If Jews were required for communist countries to appear, then how does that explain China or Vietnam? I guess you could argue that the movements had a lot of help from the Soviets, but the locals were very enthusiastic without Jewish involvement in any of the stages.