LGBTQ, modern eugenics


Might be best to think of LGBTQ as a modern eugenics program. Using this lenses is LGBTQ a success?

While the first gen of LGBTQ might have been higher income generators and looked more like Will & Grace, the new LGBTQ people look like god beat them with the ugly stick and less successful. LGBTQ helps pass its targets thru its 20/30s without resenting their inability to afford a family and rebell.

China has a huge male surplus, is LGBTQ the answer?

India seems gay enough already,


It's rather a dysgenics than eugenics program.


I think Chinese will be able to import wives from the 3rd world. LGBTQ can be demoralizing to society for the TFR and I'm not sure where that factor ends up on the eugenics/dysgenics scale. Maybe some of the people that you want to have children (educated upper class / upper middle class) who are not otherwise LGBTQ, are demoralized from LBGTQ signaling if it's considered high status. China has a soft crackdown on soy culture going on right now so it seems they don't want to do an experiment to this effect. The experiment in the West is still ongoing.


Is the idea that LGBTQ sterilizes ugly and stupid people? Seems like the meme affects midwit leftists the most.


I do agree, lots of weirdos sterilizing themselves these days. Especially women, who are overdue for a big filtering event.

For male faggots I'm less sure. I still think the germ theory makes the most sense. I guess you could say we're selecting for gay germ resistance.


is this why ladyboys are a thing in “sex work” countries? ie it rebalances the sexual market supply and demand for males who would otherwise not be able to find a local woman


It's just another manifestation of immaterialism spreading. Sounds counterintuitive to some, perhaps. But after all the hype has died down around AI and VR, we will have entered a new paradigm. Sexuality becomes less and less important. Including sexual orientation. We will end up a-sexual and with breeding program. Or go extinct.


For the godless retards in this thread, this the type of behavior one would expect from a creature whose closest living relative is a bonobo.