Eric Weinstein's Kayfabe


Eric Weinstein is pretty cringe... grabs guitar but his work on Kayfabe is pretty good. very impressive he published in 2011.

hope you enjoy


I followed his public statements until 2021 or somewhere thereabout, after his appearance in a podcast with some Australians. He congratulated them on being very good at multiculturalism, and saying that all human hardware is the same, only the software needs an update. I couldn't take him seriously afterwards. That, in addition to his failed “Portal” experiment. I actually saw him once at the Urbit event at the Assembly in 2023, where he stormed in looking to beef with us. It would've been great it he would've stayed and had some booze and drugs and talk for a while, but he decided to be a fag. And that's how I'll remember him.

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