Why Trump is the Best Candidate for the Administrative State

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I want to share a quote by GrayMirror that really resonates with me:

“When you act out as the “heel” in your enemy’s kayfabe narrative, you are doing them far more of a service than if you merely served them. You are, in fact, a cuck. However—when you do merely serve them, or even if you lie and pretend to serve them, or even if you do not serve them but only live, and encourage others to live, in their little box—you are also a cuck.” Source

I also find this computer science principle insightful: “the purpose of a system is what it does.”Source

With these ideas in mind, I believe Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for the administrative state.

Trump has a unique ability to galvanize the left like no one else. This isn’t because of his policies—he was a Democrat for most of his life. Instead, it’s his chaotic nature, overconfidence, and bombastic personality that drive the left into a frenzy.

This dynamic is actually beneficial for the left. Trump's presence dominates the political landscape, preventing any rational conservative from gaining traction (not that it would change anything anyway).

Imagine politics as wrestling and you need to pick a heel. Who would you choose: Romney or Trump?

Consider the impact on media: CNN's ratings and the New York Times' revenues are much higher with Trump as the focal point. Who would be a better distraction?

Liberals often miss this point: Trump is not the candidate for the right, Trump is the candidate for the plebs, both left & right. He maximizes user engagement.

I haven't paid enough attention to Trump's campaign, but my understanding is that before the lawfare began and he was simply running for president, he wasn’t gaining a lot of traction. Many people didn’t want him and were leaning towards Ron DeSantis. Could the lawfare against Trump have been deliberate to make him a martyr so he would become the 1 choice? Every right-winger agrees that these lawsuits have helped Trump. Why would the left go after Trump and not finish the job when they have all the cards? (We will find out July 11th) Because they want Trump at least in the race.

Worst case scenario: Trump manages to win the presidential election and the presidential “count.” Now, the administrative state has a totally inept leader in the Oval Office. This is perfect for them.

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  • Certainly seems so. He's also pledged to give green cards to every jeet who manages to finish a junior college degree.

    • The “purpose of the system being what it does” is just the mandate of heaven. If the system is so retarded it produces a violent reaction, then you would simply say that violent reaction is also the purpose of the system. In fact, the leftits you see really are just that stupid, just that their group strategy which is being individual parasites is much easier to coordinate, trivial, in fact. Same with women's dominating of the romantic and sexual marketplaces, an abysmal historical aberration. The counterargument against the Drumf-jeet question says that he's only doing it to appeal to the center and that apparently nothing of the sort happened in his previous term. Well, it remains to be seen what he will do about that.

      • Nah. The left freaks out bigly over every reverse and even over not advancing fast enough. $CenterRightCuck has been the NEXT HITLER since forever. The left is fundamentally energized. Trump doesn't energize them. He frightens them.